This is a set of instructions that any media outlet or reporter that wishes to contact us must follow – If these criteria are not met we won’t entertain the notion of any further discussion. We do not take such requests lightly as the security of both our group, as well as our individual members could be put at risk.

Our open contact address is as follows:

Mail us here for general requests, or information regarding upcoming events. You can also message our Facebook Page:


Press contact Instructions –

Who: It is paramount you tell us who you are and what media outlet you represent. If you are unaffiliated this should be explained when making contact.

Why: We must be informed why you are contacting us, and in what way information we provide may be used. Is it for an article, a report or some form of documentary? – We must have clarity as to what it is, why you have sought us out, and what context it will be presented in.

Contact: We must be provided with both your personal contact information and the information of any media outlet you claim to be reporting for. If unaffiliated please state this when making contact.

Law: We will by no means discuss anything with any representatives of the law. No contact will be established between Edinburgh Antifa and anyone who’s profession lies within the boundaries of law enforcement – We must have absolute confidence that any possibly confidential information given will not be handed over to police, lawyers or judges, therefore we must  have confidence in the fact that you are not a representative or affiliated in anyways with law enforcement.

These rules and regulations may be subject to change and may be outdated as a result. Some may not receive a response from us based upon this information. If you don’t hear back from us within several days please feel free to try again.