Opposing the SDL in Edinburgh This Weekend

As you may have heard, despite the rejection of their initial application for a march by Edinburgh City Council, the SDL are planning a static demonstraton on Saturday in Edinburgh. They have been advertising widely amongst the EDL and there has been serious response with hundreds coming if you look at the several pages they are using to promote it.

There has been politcal factionalism within the EDL and groups calling themselves North West Infidels and North East Infidels have been allying themselves with the SDL. These are groups that promote National Front and Stormfront approved ideals and are recieving a more enthused  response from fascists on Stormfront than the mixed response the EDL recieved. With the recent arrest of EDL posterboy Tommy Robinson/Stephen Yaxley Lennon there may well be a power struggle on the horizon. This grouping, calling themselves Infidels of Britain, are looking to organise a large National Front style demo in the north of England on the 8th October, using Enoch Powell as their posterboy. It appears that Edinburgh is a strong part of the build up for a grouping that purports links with Nazi Nick Greger, Paul Ray  and their Order 777. Men who had direct contact with Anders Breivik before his act of terrorism in Oslo.

In response Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Alliance have called on anti-fascists to meet at the foot of the Mound at 11 am on Saturday the 10th of September to show our solidarity against any fascist threat. Fascism and its products are not welcome on our streets. This is the eve of September 11th an anniversary when thousands died in the USA in an act of callous terrorism. It should not be hijacked by those who wish to profit from vengeance with tyranny. It is also the eve of the anniversary of the military coup d’etat of Augusto Pinochet in Chile. A military intervention that led to the “disappearance” of 40,000 people. Today in Chile students protesting education cuts face tear gas, sewage/water cannon and police brutality on even the smallest demonstration. On Sunday they will also remember their 9/11. Let us take heed from their example and remember the innocents and their families and their struggle for social and criminal justice.

Let us take to the streets, together and say loudly to those who wish to divide us and take our critical eye off the government.


Saturday 10th September, 11am at the foot of the Mound near the National Gallery.

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