REPORT: Edinburgh May Day Demo 01/05/17

On May the 1st 2017, Edinburgh Antifascists, coordinated with various Anarchist and other Antifascist networks in Scotland, along with several autonomous individuals, coming from all over the UK to form a Radical May Day demo at Grassmarket in Edinburgh. The aim of the protest was to celebrate international workers day, show solidarity with ongoing workers struggles worldwide, and protest some of the current conservative governments atrocious attacks on the working classes.

The protest kicked off at 1pm, with several speakers, from The Revolutionary Communist Group, The University Marxist Society, Edinburgh in Protest and those who felt inspired in the moment to voice their thoughts. The protest was a success with chants and songs ringing out attracting both tourists and locals, along with drinks and creating a great opportunity for the Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarian community to come together and celebrate the historic annual event that is Mayday. We also raised funds for the homeless. These will go towards supplies that will be distributed directly in coordination with RFR in Glasgow, on the 20th May.

Although there had been chatter of Right wing interference, as usual none showed their face on the day. The demonstration went ahead without disturbance, and showed a radical alternative to the liberal SWP backed “MayDay” Protest the following week.

Another thanks to all those that attended, all that donated and all that spoke.

Edinburgh Antifa

Edinburgh University Marxist Society captivates its audience with an inspiring speech


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