Edinburgh Antifascists Reformed

The following communique is a statement from Edinburgh Antifascists. It represents a formal declaration of intent and also an invitation to all like-minded individuals and groups concerned about the rise of fascism both at home and abroad.

After a period of inactivity, we have resurrected Edinburgh Antifascist Alliance and represent the latest iteration of a coordinated Antifascist group in the Edinburgh and Borders region.

We aim to provide a broad front for all autonomous leftists and
anti-authoritarians determined to fight fascism in all its forms, from
the bigotry of the national front to the hatred and terror of Nazis like
National Action/National Socialist Network, the nationalist thuggery of the pathetic Scottish Defence League, and the menace of the so called “alt-right” and their lackluster memes.

We stand against oppression in all of its forms, including (but not
limited to) racism, sexism, ableism & homophobia. We see the fight
against all these forms of intersecting oppression as vital elements in
the struggle to crush the resurgent far right, who pray on the most
vulnerable and marginalized in our society. We stand with the oppressed as partners and allies in the defence of our communities against those that would seek to divide us along racial and gendered lines. We decisively reject the tired and failed liberal and moderate anti-fascism of opportunist groups like Unite against Fascism (UaF), Stand up to Racism (SutR) and the authoritarian entryism of failed left alternatives such as the Socialist Worker’s Party and their cronies. We believe that to defeat the far right we must oppose them at all levels of our society, from the communities, schools and neighbourhoods we live, study and work in, to the streets the fascist menace dares to step foot within. As such, we represent an intersectional, militant & autonomous grassroots alternative that respects a diversity of tactics and approaches to defeating fascism in all it’s forms.

Fascism is an ideology of power. As such we believe it is not to be
debated, but to be smashed. In order to truly represent the spirit of
antifascist struggle, we must organise ourselves autonomously and
democratically, free from the influence and control of self-interested
political parties and dithering external interests. We stand firmly for
these principles, and we will not retreat or back down. We invite all
like minded groups and individuals to join us in working towards these goals in the spirit of cooperation and solidarity.

We meet fortnightly and welcome your participation and comradeship in any and every capacity.  We are organizing both offline and on and we can’t wait to meet you.

See you in the streets!

In Love, Solidarity & Rage,

Edinburgh Antifa

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