REPORT: Edinburgh May Day Demo 01/05/17

On May the 1st 2017, Edinburgh Antifascists, coordinated with various Anarchist and other Antifascist networks in Scotland, along with several autonomous individuals, coming from all over the UK to form a Radical May Day demo at Grassmarket in Edinburgh. The aim of the protest was to celebrate international workers day, show solidarity with ongoing workers struggles worldwide, and protest some of the current conservative governments atrocious attacks on the working classes.

The protest kicked off at 1pm, with several speakers, from The Revolutionary Communist Group, The University Marxist Society, Edinburgh in Protest and those who felt inspired in the moment to voice their thoughts. The protest was a success with chants and songs ringing out attracting both tourists and locals, along with drinks and creating a great opportunity for the Anarchist and Anti-Authoritarian community to come together and celebrate the historic annual event that is Mayday. We also raised funds for the homeless. These will go towards supplies that will be distributed directly in coordination with RFR in Glasgow, on the 20th May.

Although there had been chatter of Right wing interference, as usual none showed their face on the day. The demonstration went ahead without disturbance, and showed a radical alternative to the liberal SWP backed “MayDay” Protest the following week.

Another thanks to all those that attended, all that donated and all that spoke.

Edinburgh Antifa

Edinburgh University Marxist Society captivates its audience with an inspiring speech


REPORT: White Pride Demo, Edinburgh 25/3/2017

Report on the “White Pride” demonstration in Edinburgh, 25/3/2017.

On the 25th of March 2017, the National Front, a far-right political party in the UK, held a “Static-Demonstration” in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Their demonstration was supposedly to promote and celebrate “White pride” and was supported by a few other far-right groups in the UK including the SDL and the recently outlawed, National Action, who’s constant threats to politicians and the general public earned them an honored place on the UK’s list of many terror organisations, which include Daesh (ISIS) and the Tali Ban.

Despite a large amount of protest from the public and threats from the council, the demo was allowed and went ahead on the Royal Mile, in central Edinburgh. The original plan for the demonstration was to march from Waverly station to the Grass Market, where a speech would be made, however, this became impossible due to fierce opposition from both anti-fascists and the general public, alike.

Before reaching their designated location, a group of Antifa members attacked the fascists on the platforms of Waverly station, turning 30 nazis into 20. Upon reaching demonstration both the far right and the opposition were penned in behind barriers and police. Not a word could be heard from the far right, either due to their lack of confidence or due of the yells and screams from Antifa. Most likely both. Within 15 minutes of the official demo and counter demo starting, a small contingent of Antifa, from various different groups, escaped the police kettle and circled round through side streets, managing to prevent any other fascists joining the main body of their demonstration. The police were in constant pursuit, continuously trying to cut off and kettle Antifa but their efforts proved fruitless.

The anti-fascists managed to move around the fascist demo and surrounded them on two fronts, where an Antifa banner was presented reading “Jewish Antifa”, wich certainly infuriated a few of the Nazi’s. Some passed at this point as the anti-fascists were blocked by the police, who the fascists were hiding behind for most of the day. False accusations were made by the police and an Antifa member was arrested and placed in the back of one of their many police vans. This, of course, heightened tensions causing a hurl of abuse to be thrown at the Fascists from both sides.

Shortly after, sensing things were escalating, removed the barricades and forced the fascist demonstration to end. They were moved and escorted towards Waverly train station again. Antifa circled back round again to greet the fascists before they could reach the steps down. Various missiles were thrown at the fascists while a few Antifa’s threw themselves into the group and attacked some of the Nazis, resulting in themselves being arrested. The fascists, being as they are, remained behind the police, using them as protection from plenty of protestors.

The police managed to get the main body of the fascists down the steps and onto Market Street where the second group of anti-fascists were waiting from them. Once again, various missiles were thrown at the nazis, including free-range eggs, followed by an array of insults and chants. The Nazi’s were taken away again and hidden until all the protestors and anti-fascists were allowed to leave. A snatch squad of police entered the mass of Antifa and dragged away a young boy of 16, however, he was later released having committed no official crime. The group of anti-fascists were held back and kettled by the police for a good 20 minutes before people were let out, three at a time until the group had thinned out.

It’s safe to say that the fascists were dealt with, despite the protection of police and barriers. They were contained and surrounded on both sides by anti-fascists and their planned march was prevented entirely. They were attacked numerous times both from close-quarters and from long range.

We hope that any Fascists, Nazi’s and any members of the far right will take this as a warning: You are not wanted in Edinburgh, nor are you wanted in Scotland, no matter how many times you come, we will find you and you will be stopped. 

Edinburgh is ours, No Pasaran! 

(Known Anti-Fascist groups present were: Edinburgh Antifa, Glasgow Anti-Fascist Action, Red Front Republic and a few individuals from the North East and Dundee, as well as numerous others group which included the Anarchist Federation and Edinburgh University Anarchist Society.)

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REPORT: EDL Sent Packing By Militant Antifascism

The racist thugs of the “Scottish” Defence League were prevented from having any demonstration at all on Saturday, because of the successful counter demonstration of the Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Alliance. Hundreds of us turned out on the day in a vibrant and exciting protest, to show the racist thugs that their bigotry and divisive hatred is not welcome in Edinburgh.

After congregating at the Princes Mall, we marched to the bottom of the mound. Once our scouts gave us reliable information about where the main meeting point for the SDL was, we marched toward that location. We went down the royal mile, dodging police kettles, and avoiding the attempts by the UAF to take us to the Scotland United Demonstration. We rallied at the Jenny Ha pub which was the main meet up point for the SDL, and the police quickly surrounded the pub as we arrived.

Our presence there ensured that they were not able to leave the pub to have their planned demonstration at the Scottish Parliament. Our actions made sure they were not even able to have a rally, as they were allowed to do in Glasgow.

The police were forced to put around 80 EDL/SDL trapped in the pub on buses, and they were sent out of town, many of them back to Glasgow, most of them back to England.

In other areas of town, seventy EDL at Waverly Station, who had travelled up from England were kettled in the train station by police. And anti-fascists chased a group of EDL who were attempting to get to the Jenny Or back to the train station, only to join their friends in a police kettle. After a few hours standing on a cold platform in a police kettle the EDL were all sent back to England.

Their efforts to have a racist protest in Edinburgh were completely disrupted, and we have left them demoralised. It is unlikely that there will be another SDL demonstration in Scotland, after our success in Edinburgh yesterday, and the success of the Glasgow Anti-Fascist Alliance in November.

Well done to everyone who turned out on the day, it is a great success that we should all be proud of!